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Abilene Hemp Oil

About Brittany Lane


Originally from Stamford, Texas, Brittany grew up in the 3rd generation family owned business 'High Flowers' which set the stage for her special attention to detail, design, quality product, and her specialty; forming and maintaining long lasting client relationships. Brittany enjoys spending time with her husband, and 3 beautiful children.

About Janet High

Cannabis Consultant/Manager

Originally from Stamford, TX, Janet was the co-owner of a 3rd generation business, High's Flowers and Greenhouse for 15 years, where she found her love for decorating and her passion for helping others. Anyone that knows Janet understands what a special light she brings to life. With. a special eye for decorating + design, she adds her colorful personality into everything she does. The House of Healing was formed and continues to evolve based on the example that Janet sets while emphasizing the power of healing through love, laughter, and optimism. Janet enjoys the Cooling Rub for when she has migraines or any body pain. She also has experienced the wonders of hemp oil from our Abilene area store in using our CBD capsules, concentrates, and tinctures to manage her anxiety throughout the day so she can feel good day in and day out.

About Avery French

Cannabis Consultant

Avery was born and raised in Abilene, Texas. She's a roller skater at the skate park and on Abilene's local roller derby team. She loves going to concerts, watching movies with her boyfriend, and cooking for her loved ones. Holistic healing and medicine are important to her because of the amazing effect it has on her and the people she loves. Her favorite products from our store in Abilene are the CBD lollipops to help with her anxiety, and all of our stunning glass pieces.

About Becca Hertel

Cannabis Consultant

Originally from Fort Worth, Becca knew from an early age that she wanted to grow deep roots and settle down in a small town. She adds a loving and authentic approach to talking about CBD and enjoys helping heal people naturally, while making them feel comfortable talking about a "sometimes" taboo subject.

With a passion for women owned businesses, Becca knew that she would thrive at House of Healing while being surrounded with like minded people. Becca enjoys sewing, cooking, and making lasting memories with her husband, 3 kids, and 2 pugs in Trent, TX. She loves the Full Spectrum Anti-Aging Serum to keep her skin glowing and youthful. She also enjoys the Dark Chocolate XCITE bars that aid in her stress and anxiety management.

About Hailey Pimental


Hailey is a 23-year-old college graduate who moved to Abilene in the summer of '22 to be with her husband in the Air Force. Both she and her husband are natives' of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, with his mother being their high school biology teacher. Hailey graduated from the College of Charleston with degrees in biology and Spanish, and has spent several months living abroad in Spanish speaking countries. She loves to read sci-fi and fantasy novels, paint with acrylic, and adores two cats. To find relief for her fibromyalgia and IBS; she enjoys smoking our THCA indica strains, taking both daytime and nighttime mushroom gummies, along with using the 2000mg pain salve regularly.

About Lynsie Paylor

Production Manager

Lynsie is a native Texan of Tuscola, Texas. She has been married to her husband Bryson for 15 years and shares two talented and athletic children that keep her busy. She loves watching her children participate in school sports, hunting, and spending time in her garden. Her favorite hemp oil products from our Abilene location are the mushroom gummies to help everyday health and wellness, along with our 2000mg Pain Cream for back pain and muscle relief.

About Maddie Crites

Cannabis Consultant/Manager

Maddie is a native to Tennessee, but has been a resident of Texas for the past 3 years. Maddie strives to deliver a truly personal experience to each and every person that seeks help from House of Healing. Whether you are suffering from physical or mental ailments, trust that she is listening, understands, and will create a tailored regiment to get you back to feeling like your true self with the perfect products or hemp oils from our Abilene location. She is an avid gym goer, a military spouse, and a loving dog mom. Her passions include health/fitness, hiking, animals, and humor. Some of Maddie’s favorite products are the Morning + Night Mushroom gummy CBD products for sleep at our Abilene location, and the Pet Tincture to keep her dogs healthy and happy.

About Mariela Garcia

Cannabis Consultant

Meet Mariela, our bud-tender with a natural talent for hospitality. She brings her creative flair to everything here at House of Healing, from staying organized to recommending the right solutions for our customers. Mariela personally loves using the CBD suckers to manage anxiety as well as the Blue Raspberry Delta 9 gummies to keep her happy and balanced. Don’t be surprised to find her walking her dog, Tiny, around town or sharing holistic remedies for anything and everything - it’s just how she rolls!

About Rachel Hunnicutt

Cannabis Consultant/Marketer + Manager

Rachel is originally from Montana, graduated from University in Seattle WA with a BFA in Musical Theatre. She moved to Abilene to be near family a year ago.She loves performing and any type of outdoor activity especially fishing and winter skiing! With her personable demeanor and high spirits for helping others, Rachel strives to help our clients at House of Healing with her attention to detail and her empathy for others. Rachel will guide you to the start of your natural healing journey with compassion and an understanding for holistic remedies. Some of her favorite hemp oil products in Abilene at CBD House of Healing are the Delta 8 Tincture to help with sleep and body pain, as well as our one of a kind Elixir that she loves to mix into her evening mocktails!

About Rose Lee Alliston

Cannabis Consultant

Rose was born and raised in Newcastle-Upon Tyne in the United KingdomShe has dreams of pursuing a theatre career and is attending ACU in Abilene to attain her degree. After being diagnosed with a spinal disease (scheuermann’s disease) in her early teen years, and having to wear a back brace for two years, she learned to love more natural and holistic approaches to relieve her pain. The curcumin softgels work best for daily relief along with the 2000mg Pain Cream. The Elixir is also one of her favorite products since it is so versatile. She loves to mix the Elixir with her lemon mint water to stay hydrated while getting that buzz to start her day!


Delta 8 Gummies

Super convenient, taste amazing and helps me relax after a long day.

PHA Resurfacing Serum

Makes my skin super hydrated and supple.

Full Spectrum Pain Cream

I use this product everyday to help with sore muscles. I even use it on the nape of my neck to help with headaches.

CBD + CBG Gummies

Perfect for keeping my anxiety at bay.